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You can trust Atkins and the science behind Atkins' bar and shake formulas. Our advanced clinical testing validates that only the stated Atkins Net CarbsTM will impact blood sugar. Why risk your hard-won progress with copycats that may actually raise your blood sugar and slow your weight loss, or even stop it altogether? Trust the leader – buy only Atkins products.

Advantage Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll 5pk

A filling snack or a light meal helps fight hunger in between meals and on the run.

Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll Bar

Want sweet satisfaction with no remorse? Then this is the bar for you. Once you try this combination of caramel and peanuts covered in chocolate, you'll never miss your favorite candy bar again.

Advantage Snack Bars

8g Protein | 2g Sugar | 180 Calories | Only 3g Net Carbs

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